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Newbie Intros w/o Feb 19

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Re: Newbie Intros w/o Feb 19

  • Looks like there isn’t much activity here but I’ll participate. 

    I’m 34 my husband is 31. 

    TTC off and on for 10+ years - I’m not about to break that down into months. PCOS, very long cycles (60-100+ days), 4 consecutive miscarriages ranging from 6 weeks to 14 weeks. 

    IUD removed back in July 2023 after completing my degree and we’ve been not trying/not preventing since then. 

    We have a 12 year old son from my previous marriage. Two cars, and an old blind dog. I just started my career as a nurse and work on the cardiac unit. 
  • @wildflower_ Welcome! You’re right that there isn’t a lot of activity on the board lately. Hopefully things will pick back up soon!
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