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Name mocked by MIL

So my toddler told my MIL our girl name (no idea of gender yet) the name is Cecilia (cece for short), my MIL was aggressively against it. Looking for some opinions on it, honestly her opinion doesn’t phase me all that much I think we are picking it regardless but it did get me starting to think about middle names. My aunts name was Joann and I thought about using that. Just looking for some positive vibes and some middle name suggestions that pair nicely ❤️

Re: Name mocked by MIL

  • I think that’s a really sweet name! 
  • Sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes and vibes your way.

    Personally, I think Cecilia is a beautiful name.
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  • I'm sorry that happened.  I think Cecilia is lovely! 
    What about:

    Cecilia Jane (close to Joann)
    Cecilia Rose
    Cecilia Estelle
    Cecilia Isabelle 
    Cecilia Mae
  • my mil did the same with our second boy, we named him Santiago & she wasn’t for it, she even called him by the name she picked for him a couple times after he was born (Samuel) until my husband asked her to please stop. i never minded it tho, i completely ignored it & she eventually stopped. i think Cecilia is a beautiful name, very sweet & feminine in my opinion! 

    Cecilia Joann sounds beautiful together!
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