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Covid during pregnancy

Hi! Has anyone had Covid during pregnancy? I am 30 weeks and this is my first baby, as well as first time having Covid. My OB is aware and not concerned for me or baby, but this is God awful. Any tips? I am on day 5 with no end in sight. TIA. 

Re: Covid during pregnancy

  • I was very sick with COVID in October, first time I ever got it. They put me on paxlovid, I'm now 33 weeks and everything fine. I'm glad they prescribed it cause I had a very high fever and I was so nervous.
  • I got it for the first time ever at 31wks and felt fine….some fevers/chills/body aches but it went away after about 5days. Drank a lot of water and stuck to eating soup and watermelon. 35wks now and still feel ok. 
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