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Baby Measuring Small?

Hi everyone, first time getting far enough along to actually experience an ultrasound and see a heartbeat which was awesome. I had my transvaginal US at 8w4d from my last period but baby measured 7w4d. Heartbeat was 138 and everything else looked great. I was wondering if anyone else has measured smaller than anticipated but still had baby keep growing on target? My OB is not worried but of course I am 

Re: Baby Measuring Small?

  • Lmp is not the most accurate way to determine due date, so I wouldn't swear it right now. I went in knowing I ovulated late, and have longer cycles in general, but they thought my due date should be August 27 based on lmp. Ended up changing it to Sept 6 with no concern. I have have another since and everything is right on track. 
  • I'm the exact same as @dani_0921
    Based off lmp I'm the 18th of Sept. Based on US I'm at the 29th. 
    When this happened in thr past I had my baby Based off my lmp date, but we went off the US. So maybe just keep that in mind when nearing the end. It's very normal. I usually don't even give an estimate and base it off US. 
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  • Same. I went in for an US at 8w 6d, measured 8w 1d.  
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  • Thank you ladies, it’s good to hear from others on the subject. Getting another US in a few weeks! 
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