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No energy

I'm 31 weeks today and starting to have no energy. I'm getting winded easily too. Anyone else?

Re: No energy

  • Yes! I’m 31 weeks Wednesday! My body feels so much slower this past week. No advice here. I can relate!
  • 33w and I am exhausted all the time. My body hurts, and I have slowed way down. Which is hard with the 5yos 🫠 also no advice, just been drinking water like it's going out of style and having my coffees as needed
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  • 35wks on Monday and I’m now taking 3 naps a day in my office. The exhaustion is insane. 
  • The exhaustion is real. I'm 31+3, and I have bursts of nesting energy followed by utter collapse. It's not a fun combination. I took advantage of the toddler napping today to get a short nap myself, but it wasn't really enough... 
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