1st Trimester

Bleeding at 6weeks

Currently 6weeks+ pregnant with my 3rd child. Last couple days iv had cramps which are manageable. 
As of yesterday the cramps have got lot worse and now I'm bleeding(almost like a period).
I don't know if should be concerned or not. I phoned the maternity hospital they just advised me to take paracetamol,Hot water bottle and rest and phone back if my bleeding becomes really heavy within 30mins

My bleeding is not really heavy but it is more like a period I usually get but the pains concern me. Should I phone back and request to be seen?

Re: Bleeding at 6weeks

  • Hello! I will advise to go with your gut. Having bleeding like period for me is already concerning. I will request to be seen or of they can't go to the ER if the bleeding doesn't stop.
    Best of luck!
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