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BBT after IUD removal

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I had my Mirena IUD removed a few days ago on 2/6 (CD7) after 4 years. I had been tracking my BBT the past few months, and I normally spiked CD16/17. However, I spiked a few days later on CD12. I started testing LH a few days prior on CD10, but never caught even close to a surge. My LH has stayed between a 0.08 and 0.3, even before the spike. Looking at other screenshots, I haven't seen anyone else with such low LH levels.

Should I be considered that my LH is so low? I’m not drinking, so I’m not sure what else would have caused this consistent rise in BBT. Does removal raise BBT? I 'm not sure how to add screenshots, but I have been above 97 degrees since CD11, consistently going up every day. I’m spiraling! Thank you!

Re: BBT after IUD removal

  • Hi @lkc118, I’m sorry to hear you’re spiraling; I know how disconcerting it can be when your body does something unexpected. 

    All of these are great questions for your doctor. Many women experience atypical cycles after coming off birth control, as the body learns to find hormonal balance on its own. I can’t speak to how Mirena functions or what you can expect, so I’ll just say one small thing about BBT: rising progesterone levels are what causes the sustained temp increase post-ovulation, not the pre-ovulation LH surge.

    Hang in there!
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