March 2024 Moms

Birth Announcements?

Anyone give birth yet? 😊💗 February mamas or March moms? 

We’re so close to the end! 💕✨ 
Id add y’all on Facebook, but we got off all social media, so i can’t access the group! 🥹🥲

Re: Birth Announcements?

  • I did. Had my baby girl yesterday. I’ll share a little of my story
  • Our precious baby was born yesterday 03/30/2024. This is our 7th baby. We wanted the gender to be a surprise until I gave birth. It was a long labor and delivery journey. Went into labor on Friday March 29th. My husband’s birthday was March 28th and he was really hoping I go into labor and have the baby on his birthday. The baby just wasn’t ready at the time. On Friday March 29th, as soon as I got comfortable from coming home, I stand up and my water broke. My husband went into panic mode (he always does everytime I go into labor). I was in labor for 22 hours. At 1:20pm yesterday I started feeling the urge to push and I began to push. Kept saying I couldn’t do it. Wanted to give up after pushing for a while. Luckily I had an amazing support team. My midwife Jane, my doula’s and my husband. After pushing for some time at 3:38 pm my baby girl was born at home in our bed. I’m so happy and blessed. I’m still in some pain and my voice is hoarse from all that screaming and noise I was making while pushing but overall I’m more than blessed my baby girl is here. Mama loves you Isabella.
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  • Hi everyone!! My name is Victoria and I just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday March 29th at 2:56 pm. His name is Christian Joseph. He has arrived very early as we thought his due date was going to be April 20th. My baby shower is actually this weekend. Christian Joseph was diagnosed with Down syndrome but he is the cutest thing in the world. He is actually in the NICU right now but is heading in the right direction and doing great. I had started having slight contractions Thursday night around 11 pm, they were very light but still painful. I had waken up my poor fiance to inform him to get my small suitcase just in case I had to go to the hospital because I felt like something wasn't right. So I had called my OB and spoke to the on call emergency doctor and she told me to go the hospital to get checked. My mom had rushed me out of the house before I could pack anything and my poor fiance drove me to the hospital knowing that he had to come back to the house and pack up my stuff up. Turned out I was 4 cm dilated, was admitted to labor and delivery, got my epidural and my labor started.. Around 2:56 pm Christian Joseph was born in less than an hour. My precious baby boy and then later I was moved to the postpartum unit. Mama loves you Christian! 
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