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Yesterday, I had an ultrasound. Thinking I was 8 weeks and 2 days based on LMP, and getting a positive preg test on Jan 9. 

During the vaginal ultrasound they said baby looks good, fetal pole, yolk sac, obvious flicker of cardiac activity and heart rate of 103. The only thing was the baby was measuring 6 weeks 4 days. 

Had my levels drawn on Jan 24 they were 6500. Levels drawn again yesterday and they were 115000. I am so confused and terrified. The doctor said she hopes she’s wrong and that everything is ok but didn’t seem too optimistic. She said that if this baby was 6 weeks it was perfect. But because of my numbers and positive test on Jan 9 it’s just not making sense. 

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any information is appreciated. 

Re: Measuring behind

  • so good news is that your hcg levels seem to be rising at a healthy rate. it looks like you would able tested positive at week 1 of gestation which is super duper rare but possibly possible? not sure. but if baby is measuring a couple weeks behind and everything else looks healthy and your numbers are fine, then hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. what is your doc concerned about exactly, if anything? 
  • She just said it’s a lot to be behind and Is afraid it may be a “failed pregnancy”. She said the date the baby measuring & my numbers don’t line up & she’s afraid it’s lagging. But I can’t help but think baby is just small??  My levels are in the proper range, the heart beat is in the proper range. She just had no optimism at all & that worries me. 
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  • it may be a minor issue, or it might be nothing because sometimes ultrasound measurements are not totally 100% accurate. time will tell, but your ob should have a better beside manner bc clearly it’s stressful for you not to have her words of encouragement and support. is this a new ob or have you had her for a while or with other pregnancies? 
  • did she use the words “failed pregnancy”? 😳 because that’s terrible and your hcg levels do NOT show that. if you don’t have a trusted relationship with her i would get a new ob. 
  • She is new to me for sure. I’ve been trying to reach my family doc but she didn’t get back to me and now it’s the weekend and I won’t hear from her till Monday. 
    My husband and I were just dumbfounded. I did not go in there expecting that. As soon as she did the ultrasound I saw an obvious flicker and was so relieved that there was a heart beat and then bam. Not big enough and then everything went downhill in her words. 
    When she called me with my levels she even said “ your levels are good! And then said they’re only going up 29% every 2 days. But my husband did the math and if they went from 6500 to 115000 then that’s 40% between Jan 24 and Feb 15- which is a decent progression. And the heart beat of the baby was 103. Which too falls normal. 
    It is highly anxiety provoking and confusing. And yes you’re right, I know she’s trying not to give me false hope but I mean a little reassurance wouldn’t go astray here. 
  • 115,000 is a really healthy rise and that’s the biggest indicator that baby is doing well. with my current pregnancy at 8 weeks my max hcg was at 21,000. right now i’m healthily at 20 weeks. i don’t think you should worry bc those numbers are strong. if your doctor is SO concerned then she can order another measurement ultrasound or some bloodwork but it doesn’t seem like she’s doing much with the concerns she has. i would either get a new doc or press her to order you an hcg test 48 hrs apart to really see how much it’s rising- since your husband and your doc have different calculations. keep in mind though if you do another hcg test, it may not double because after 6 weeks hcg stops doubling exactly, but should still rise at a generous rate. 
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    So this has happened to me twice. With my second I had me due based off my last period due on the 18th and the US had my measuring due the 29th. This is of Jan 5 years ago.

    Now come to this current pregnancy off my calculations with last period I am due 18th of Sept this year and they have me measuring the 29th of Sept. So funny how the dates lined up exactly as before. I ended up having my second baby that January on the 17th. So my calculations were right. Although my entire pregnancy we went off the US. They almost didn't let me deliver at the birthing center and forced me to do the hospital but my OB had my dates noted and accepted me. Baby was healthy and hearty.

    They are going off the US measurements this time as well. I never go in with exact dates because as you can see the 2 times I have been 100% sure of my period dates because of holidays they were during, my US have measured differently. They will go off the US dates generally. Just keep your dates in your head because you may go earlier. Remember US are not always 100% accurate as well. Many a woman has had a cesarean based off baby measuring large and ended up being unnecessary. They are a helpful tool, but nothing more. 

    I'm on my 6th pregnancy and have never had my hcg levels analyzed to me except after my miscarriage to check for DNC necessity. To stress you out is not helpful. Stress is not your friend when pregnant. 

    Hope this helps! 🙏  good luck mama. 
  • @finalcountdown5 thanks for sharing all of this! I’m measuring 5 days “behind” as well (at the US I was 8w 6d, baby measured 8w 1d), but they kept the due date (Sep 17). Just curious, what’s the discrepancy between your last period prediction and ultrasound measurement?
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  • It's very normal. Ovulation is not a precise science. Sometimes it may happen earlier and other times it may happen later in the cycle. So even though my last period date has it nearly 2 weeks earlier the US is showing Ovulation/implantation may have happened later in the cycle. 

    I don't even ask. Especially with the 1st US. We are just taking a peek and seeing that everything is viable. If I see a flicker and everything looks good then the dates are just numbers. So I honestly couldn't tell you the exact reason why this has happened to me 2 times now, but I just always go in knowing they will go off their date. Your due date is an estimate. 
    If there was a reason for concern then the OB would relay it. 

    I'm honestly shocked so many OBs relay hcg levels to low risk patients. 
  • Thank you so much for this. I really hope that’s all this is for me too. Just a tiny healthy baby. But the pessimistic views of the doc just got my brain racing. 
  • As they would anyone. If the doc has no info for you they shouldn't make you feel that way. I will be thinking of you.
  • Just coming to provide an update :

     I was hoping it was just a small baby that was measuring behind, but turns out it wasn’t. 
    I had my urgent ultrasound yesterday. Radiologist couldn’t find a heart beat. 😞. 

    I want to thank everyone for commenting and proving me with support and experiences. 

    Here’s hoping I get a sticky baby soon. 🩷
  • i’m so sorry dear! i thought your hcg levels were strong but i guess not. prayers for a sticky baby in the near future 🤍
  • I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending hugs and healing vibes your way ❤️‍🩹
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    Me: 30 DH: 30 --- Married 4 years, 12/31/09 --- Baby due 6/7/15!

  • I'm truly sorry. I wish women did not have to experience this part of motherhood. Hope you feel this hug. 💛 Praying for you. 
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