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OB or midwife??

Who will be your chosen provider and why? 

Re: OB or midwife??

  • with my first pregnancy (at a young spry age of 30) I saw a midwife group because I was hoping for a natural water birth, but it was at a major hospital in case things didn’t go as planned!  However, I ended up with an epidural 😂 but the birth went great!

    this time around I’m a geriatric 39 yrs and my husband will be deployed so I will likely schedule an induction when he’s able to return home for 1-2 weeks… so I chose a reputable OB at the closest hospital.  
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  • I have done both. I am glad I did OB first, there are things that have come up for many of my friends that kept them from vaginal births that at home could have been detrimental. That being said all mine thus far have been smooth sailing. 
    They told me because I have asthma I would die doing a home birth. Not true. But as a first time mom I listened. I have no complaints about either way. I will say, in my experience a midwife listens to you more, while a nurse is towing the line doing what the hospital mandates not necessarily what you want. Understandably so the way businesses work. 
    Both got me to the end result in safe and healthy ways so I have no complaints with either. I found midwife to be a calming touch. My last birth was very much a solo experience and I really enjoyed that probably the most out of all of them. I was in my own world and it was so peaceful and beautiful. Please look into hypno birthing. Single most game changer for me, when pregnant and birthing as well. 

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  • Pending no complications, neither. We plan to free-birth. If a free-birth goes off the table, the default is a midwife. A hospital birth is reserved for extreme need or complications; it is a last resort.

    I had an OB with my first. Thinking honesty and open discussion was the best policy (and the norm) I said, "I am considering the possibility of a midwife" at my 30 week appointment. Without notice, the OB then canceled further appointments because "I don't work with midwives." No discussion. No questions. Just dumped at 32 weeks pregnant with my first child and my husband leaving in 2 weeks with the military.

    In a panic, I reached out to a few midwives. We set up interviews, I picked one, and my husband left all in the same week. The midwife appointments were very different and so much better than any OB appt. I had my son born at home. 

    With military medical insurance/policy, I was directed to an OB office by default or to get certain "required" stuff done. Not a single OB office has left me with a positive impression. I did what needed doing in those offices as necessary but hired a midwife out-of-pocket for all my pregnancy and labor care. I have zero complaints with any of my midwives in any state I've lived.

    I hired a midwife for the birth of my first 6 children. My 6th was born in April of 2020 and, due to technical communication issues, neither midwife arrived in time for the birth. With my 7th, we consulted the midwife and asked her opinion of a free-birth considering our specific circumstances. She agreed and we saw her periodically for prenatal checks and the initial postpartum check. We plan to do the same with this one, our 8th.
  • I feel lucky — our hospital has a certified midwife program. So I’ll be in the hospital, with an expert midwife… and an OB down the hall if anything is needed 
  • My provider is a blend of OB midwives and I love that. You see mostly midwives, and then like above, there are OBs if needed. A midwife delivered my son and it was magical. 
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