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Weekly hcg tests

Hi, I'm 5wks, and had my first appointment with my doctor last week. She didnt mention the weekly hcg test but I know a lot of people keep talking about testing hcg levels every few days or weekly. Is it necessary or is it ok that I wasn't told to do that? I did have my blood test drawn to confirm pregnancy.

Re: Weekly hcg tests

  • hi! so the doctor will usually draw hcg to check the hormone levels if the baby was conceived with ivf or other fertility help, or if you have symptoms that may lead the doc to think possibly about ectopic pregnancy etc, or if you have had miscarriages in the past. (i’m not sure of other reasons) however if your doctor said you don’t need to draw then consider yourself and baby healthy! usually doctors draw on a day and then 48 hrs later they take another draw. in this time they compare the two results to see if hcg has risen, preferably doubled. this usually happens in the early weeks because after week 6 hcg doesn’t double after 48 hrs but maybe after a longer period of time. either way, doubling is not the only indicator of a healthy viable pregnancy, as long as it rises up to a certain percentage (i forget what exactly it is, i THINK its about 38% but don’t quote me on that). 

    i personally did not have to draw for hcg in my first pregnancy but i did for my second because i had a lot of cramping. i hope i answered your question :)
  • Thank you! That was super helpful. Fingers crossed for a healthy baby
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  • I've had 6 pregnancies. I have never been told my hcg levels except post miscarriage when deciding whether a DNC was necessary. I figure it's best to not worry about the numbers, unless of course you are high risk or conceived through alternate means. 
    The less stress the better. 
  • I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and today was the first time I’ve ever had my hcg levels checked. 
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