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Soft markers (clubfoot/EIF) on anatomy scan

Hi! Had my 18 week anatomy scan and two soft markers found: one clubfoot and echogenic intercardiac focus.  My MaterniT21 results were all negative. I am 43 yo so I am high risk. Anyone else get counseled about their soft markers? Risk for congenital defects?

im supposed to follow up in 4 weeks with the high risk fetal med docs for another scan. 

Re: Soft markers (clubfoot/EIF) on anatomy scan

  • Sending you positive thoughts for a healthy baby! My anatomy scan is in 3 weeks and I'm nervous as heck about it. 
  • It will go great, I’m sure! It was so wonderful seeing the baby squirming and kicking. It’s a very thorough scan and I appreciated the tech explaining everything that she was looking for during the scan. 

    Sending you happy vibes for you and your baby!  <3
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  • I had my anatomy ultrasound yesterday. Previously in January I has NIPT bloodwork which was all negative. Yesterday’s ultrasound showed a thickened nuchal fold. No other soft markers. I’m 35 I should mention, so statistically slightly higher risk. I think I’ll just hope for the best, find comfort in the blood results, and if anything maybe any abnormalities are mild given everything else looked great on ultrasound. They offered generic counseling but my impression is that is basically to determine if I’d like to do an amnio, which I feel ok not doing. I see my OB tomorrow to discuss more about all the available info/results and if I want to do anything more based on the new finding.

    How are you hanging in there @cathslee?
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