2nd Trimester

Headaches everyday

How do you get relief from
headaches? Natural and OTC meds suggestions

Re: Headaches everyday

  • Electrolytes helped me a lot! Magnesium is especially important. Also a humidifier to help with congestion. <3
  • Electrolytes and staying hydrated definitely seem like a game-changer! I hadn't considered magnesium specifically, so I'll definitely look into that. And a humidifier sounds like a genius move, especially in winter when the air gets dry.
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  • I agree that magnesium helps. If I can, I lie down for 30 minutes when I first start to get a headache and that helps. Also, regular stretching and a massage at least once a month.
  • I don’t want to be a downer but I have had a headache for over a month and a half straight. I have gotten checked out to ensure it’s not Pre Eclampsia. The usual tylenol doesn’t help. I was able to get a medicine from my OB that is tylenol with a little caffeine and also a sleeping agent that helps when i’m going to bed. I say all this because I take magnesium daily in multiple forms already, my doctor said my urine looked great and had no evidence of dehydration (I actually drink water and love to do so) and there was no indication of pre eclampsia either. Unfortunately it’s just “one of those pregnancy things” for myself! Hope it’s not for you, but in case it is I wanted to comment so you know you aren’t alone. I had a lot of anxiety about it for a while so hopefully knowing you aren’t alone in the headaches helps! Pregnancy is certainly not for the weak I tell you what. God bless you🫶🏼
  • I've been using those 4head sticks for my headaches and find they work a dream! 
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