Fibroid removal surgery

My new doctor found a 3 cm fibroid between by cervix and uterus which might have lead to infertility. Has anyone gone through this? 

Just looking out for similar experiences. I am very new to this and freaking out. 

Re: Fibroid removal surgery

  • wwcr17wwcr17 member
    Trigger warning: loss mentioned 
    I had a ten cm fibroid when I got pregnant in 2019. I had no idea and it never affected me. I ended up miscarrying that pregnancy but my doctor said it was not related to the fibroid and I could have carried full term despite the size. I ended up getting it removed shortly after the miscarriage, with no scar tissue and have not had any since. Originally I was told with future pregnancies I may need a c section, but because everything healed well I was able to give birth naturally to my daughter in 2023 after a successful round of IVF. Despite experiencing infertility, all of my doctors and specialists assured me that the fibroid was not a factor. I also know of other women who have had fibroids that did not affect their fertility. I know this is a long road and the journey can be scary but stay positive and good luck :) 
  • I'm sorry for your distress. Many women have undergone fibroid removal surgery to improve fertility. Seeking support from others who have gone through similar experiences can provide valuable insight and comfort.
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