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Baby names!

Hi everyone - is everyone else obsessing over baby names? 

I am loving the name Margot for our girl (my name and both my mother’s and husband’s mom’s names start with “Mar”) but am worried it’s becoming too popular. 

Any thoughts? Thank you! 

Re: Baby names!

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  • @mother_ofbees We also love Margot and had the same questions.  We have a Marcie and Marco in the family and weren't sure if Margot was too similar. I'm finding girl names to be really difficult.  
  • I love the name August and have even before I got pregnant. It’s the only boy name I absolutely love. However, I don’t love that he’s going to be born in August. I think I’m going to get over that and name him August anyway, unless I fall in love with another name!
  • My husband and I both love Lincoln for a boy - but so many people give a cringe face when I tell them that! I’m like why??? Trying not to care about what other people think though.
  • cscrzldbgcscrzldbg member
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    It sucks when people make name judgements. My mom made a disgusted face when I told her we picked Sebastien for our 4th son. 

    I was like, "What's wrong with that name?!" My husband and I liked it. Stupid thing is, now she's like "Oh, it's such a good name." And completely forgets that she originally didn't like it.

    My husband and I stopped telling people we knew which names we picked after my mom's negative reaction. It wasn't anyone's business. And really, it's pretty simple, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    P.S. I like Lincoln. And if you guys love it or it has meaning for you, then go for it! This is your child.
  • For a girl, I'm thinking Olivia. I like Olivia Paige but DH gets the finaly say on the middle name.

    For a boy, Florien Michael, after the patron saints of firefighters. 
  • @cscrzldbg thank you for that response! I decided to stop telling people too! I agree it isn’t anyone’s business. 
  • love that name!! And I know people who struggle with the opposite of this — they love the nam August or June but feel like they can’t use it because their baby wasn’t born in that month, so I say you go with the name you just love. 
  • Margot is a cute name, I like it.
  • We like Eloise for a girl but can’t think of a middle name to go with it. Preferably a four syllable middle name as the other middle names we want to use are four syllable and I want them to match lol. 
  • @beesgirls Eloise is lovely and there are so many beautiful four syllable middle name possibilities. 
    Eloise Magdalena
    Eloise Isadora
    Eloise Evangeline
    Eloise Felicity
    Eloise Aveline
    Good luck! 
  • @beesgirls cute!
    Eloise Josephina
    Eliose Mirabella
    Eloise Wilhemena
    Eloise Magnolia
  • These are all beautiful names! I love Eloise, Emaline (was on my own list), Hayden, can’t go wrong with any of them. With our third girl on the way we are super struggling! We had a boy name locked and loaded and of course it doesn’t matter haha.
    Our elder daughters have longer, feminine names with cute nicknames. I want the same style for girl #3. We are Portuguese and French Canadian, so the names we have honour these heritages. It’s really hard to do so a third time! So far I like: Catarina, Adelaide and Florence, but haven’t fallen in love with any. Maybe when baby comes one will feel right?
  • @andrea3o I have a cousin Catalina! Similar to Catarina. I always thought her name was beautiful!
  • update: we’ve changed baby girl’s from Maria Julieta to Regina Julieta .. we were so certain of the name Maria since we wanted a Marian name & something easy to pronounce in spanish .. but i just couldn’t let the name Regina go (it was my favorite pick). we’re happy with the change! Regina is also a Marian name & it’s also pronounced beautifully in spanish!
  • @andrea3o Caterina is my Confirmation name.
  • Opinions on Elizabeth vs Eliza vs Elise - I’m partial to shortened versions and DH likes Elizabeth. 
  • My mom’s name was Elizabeth and it’s my middle name. One thing I love about it is how many nicknames someone could choose so in a way, they could become any of those names in their day to day and still have a classic beautiful name  - Eliza, Lilibet, Elise, Elle, Liz / Lizzy etc (my mom was Beth). 
  • I love the name Elizabeth. And I agree with the above comment that you can then shorten it to a whole variety of things! 
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