Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Missed Miscarriage and Positive D&C Experience

I’m sorry if anyone had miscarriage and looking out for any support on this platform.
I just wanted to share my missed miscarriage and D&C story. A few days ago I was also in the same boat as so many women who are wondering if they should go for the D&C procedure after miscarriage. And trust me this is the best thing you can do for yourself.
This was the very first procedure of my life . I was scared as hell because I didn’t know what to expect or what will happen. After I found out about no heartbeat, initially I chose the option of taking misoprostol to pass out all the tissue. But it didn’t work. My doctor asked me if I want to repeat the medication or want to go with the procedure. I was so much tired emotionally and mentally and I did not want to drag this thing anymore so I decided to go with the procedure. I know it’s scary, I have been there. But when it was over, I felt such relief and I felt like I can finally come out of this and I can move on.
The procedure felt really easy-going . They gave me IV, took my vitals and my medical history and they took me to the preoperative room where the anesthesiologist came and explained that I’m not going to feel anything at all during the whole procedure. And he was absolutely right. I remember lying down on the table and the nurse put a mask over my nose. I remember I was very anxious and my heart was racing while on the table. I even asked the nurse if she can hold my hand. That’s it!
The next thing I remember, was waking up and asking to see my husband.
This was the best part . I really did not feel anything at all. I didn’t remember anything else! I did feel some dizziness and some soreness on my lower belly after waking up. And after they checked me, they allowed me to go home. The only important thing they’ll do before discharging, is to make sure that your urinate. If you do, then you’re fine to go home.
After coming home , I had some on and off bleeding for almost 10 days, and after that, I am experiencing some brown color spotting. I also had some soreness and discomfort around my lower belly and I noticed some bruising over there. I confirmed with my doctor if this was OK and she said whatever I am experiencing is pretty normal.
I’m still waiting for the bleeding to stop since it’s almost 2 weeks after the procedure. But I really want to tell all the women who are confused about what to do in this situation.
Choose D&C over anything. I know you will be scared because it’s a procedure and you might not have been under anesthesia ever. This was also my very first experience with anesthesia and any kind of procedure. But as soon as it was over, I felt a great amount of relief. I feel like I can finally move on because this whole thing is going on since almost a month now and it feels good that I’m coming out of this and maybe I can hope that someday I can start trying again.
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