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Unexpected miscarriage

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I suppose I am very fortunate, as my baby was seemingly less the 8 weeks when the doctor told us there was no heartbeat. I guess I should've been more weary going into my appointments, as there were some concerns during testing phases that wouldn't normally be present in a healthy pregnancy and I didn't have issues with during my first successful pregnancy. But by the end of my appointment today, I was shocked to find out that there was no heartbeat and I am having a d&c this Friday. I am both terrified and devastated but I know I couldn't do this by myself at home. The doctor assured my husband and I that with an already healthy and successful pregnancy, the chances of having another and at our age, should be of no concern. He was very informative and sympathized with us but I am still looking for some support and positive feedback if anyone is willing to share. Thanks in advance!

Re: Unexpected miscarriage

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Dr's say there is something off with my beta Hcg levels. I've had 6 blood tests and my hcg numbers haven't doubled for a week and a half, there just "creeping up" by slow increments of 10 or 20. They're concerned for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy but because I'm somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks ( ovulated way late , which also is not normal for me) they won't schedule an earlier ultrasound. So my ultrasound is 1/31 for now. Very unsure how to feel. It's been an emotional few weeks.  I'm 32 and have a 9 year old, didn't have any complications with her until 3rd trimester and she was born at 36 weeks.  
  • Sorry for your loss. I just experienced one in my 6th week. Had an US due to bleeding at 5w5d. Found a SCH but embryo was measuring correctly with sac and yolk. Said to take it easy and recheck in a week. No particular concerns. When I went for my next US my uterus was just completely empty. The SCH was gone, but so was the embryo sac and yolk. Just empty. 
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