Babies: 6 - 9 Months

6month old doesn't sleep much

My 6month old literally catnaps(only naps 20-30min) and doesn't sleep over 5-6 hours at night. Sometimes she won't nap but once during the day. She has passed all her milestones. I don't know what to do because she comes off overtired at times. I know I'm extremely tired. Anybody have the same issues or know of anything to help

Re: 6month old doesn't sleep much

  • My daughter had similar issues and I started tracking her food intake and looking into sleep training. It’s helped tremendously. If you’re breastfeeding exclusively this might not work for you but I exclusively pump so I can see how much she eats throughout the day. When I started this it helped me realize how much she needed to eat during the day for her to get a good nights sleep. I also had to train her out of eating at night. Some people disagree with this but it worked wonders for me. For a few nights it was rough but she pretty quickly (2 days) started to make up for the missed night feeds during the day. Also, some Facebook moms groups have sleep training specialists on there and if you post your baby’s normal sleep/ feed schedule and explain the issue they might be able to give some more professional advice. I hope this helps! 
  • I found the book Precious Little Sleep to be very approachable and helpful. We didn’t night wean right away but we’re quickly  down to two feeds a night and he easily went back into crib after vs all night boob-athon
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