Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

BFP after D&C, weird bleeding

I had my first miscarriage and D&C on October 10th (had a sub chronic hemorrhage but it was determined the baby passed due to chromosomal abnormalities. I started my first cycle post D&C on November 8th.

I tracked ovulation and did the deed. I started to get the same symptoms with the baby that previously passed prior to my BFP. Then boom, my period (or so I thought) was three days early on 12/1. Welp, I guess I was out and continued to bleed like a normal period for 4-5 days. ON about 12/8, I started to feel really fatigued, headaches and one glass of wine made me buzzed. I took a test on 12/9 and it was positive. I have continued taking tests and the line is getting darker.

Now I am confused about this bleeding. Has anyone experienced period like implantation bleeding and had a successful pregnancy? I have been reading a lot and I keep seeing the possibility of ectopic as well. I have appointment scheduled for next week with my doctor.

Currently I am 21 DPO and 5 weeks pregnant. If you had something like this happen, what was your experience and outcome?
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