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Which Name Combination Is Better?

We have 4 top names in mind for our future baby boy if we ever have a boy. Help us pick the best one. ok_handt4

Siblings are:

Salina Ann N. (Stepdaughter)
Justin Jakob M. (My Son)
Marissa Marie N. (Stepdaughter)

Which Name Combination Is Better? 5 votes

Bryson Malakai Novelo
60% 3 votes
Caspian Julius Novelo
20% 1 vote
Dawson Jasper Novelo
20% 1 vote
Deacon Asher Novelo
0% 0 votes

Re: Which Name Combination Is Better?

  • Malakai Bryson would be my 1st choice but Bryson is fine!

    Please no to Deacon.  It may not apply to you, but Deacon is a authorities position in the Catholic Church (maybe other denominations, too).  It's a title, not a first name. 
  • Thank you! Malakai Bryson is a good name too, but we prefer Bryson Malakai since Bryson ends with an "N" & has an "S" in it.

    I didn't & never knew that about Deacon, so thank you for letting me know! We will definitely reconsider the name. I'm assuming that Deacon is kind of like the name Cohen then? 🤔 
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