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Which Middle Name Is Better?

We have narrowed it down to 2 name choices if we ever have a girl, which are Calista & Cataleya. 😃 Keep the "S" Theme going or not keep? If we go with Cataleya, the middle name will be Carmen. 🤔 Does anyone think Calista is too close to Marissa? I hope it isn't because I love Calista! 😬🫣😟 The name June is to honor the baby we lost in June 2021 (Not my due date month, June was the month I had my miscarriage). Would it still be considered honoring the baby we lost if we aren't using a middle name that has to do with my due date month of that baby? My due date was supposed to be February 3rd, 2022. Also, is it ok if we use the nickname Callie with 2 "Ls" if we spell Calista with 1 "L"? I really don't like "Cali" spelling. 🤔

 Siblings are:

 Salina Ann N. (Stepdaughter)
Justin Jakob M. (My son)
Marissa Marie N. (Stepdaughter)

Which Middle Name Is Better? 3 votes

Calista Amethyst Novelo
0% 0 votes
Calista Iris Novelo
0% 0 votes
Calista Juliet Novelo
0% 0 votes
Calista June Novelo
66% 2 votes
Calista Mina Novelo
33% 1 vote
Calista Nayley Novelo
0% 0 votes

Re: Which Middle Name Is Better?

  • I think Calista June flows best. I don't think it's too close to Marissa and you are overthinking the spelling of the nickname. You can spell it how you want and it's just a nickname anyways so it's more verbal than written
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