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Symptoms - December

How is everyone feeling? Share your symptoms and symptom questions here.

Re: Symptoms - December

  • 😡 Might have some pregnancy rage?! How is this a thing, lol? But yeah, working on that and will do better to make sure I maybe don't also need a snack first. 😅
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    Still experiencing all day “morning sickness” and exhaustion, particularly in the second half of the day. Headaches greater now, and I’m craving SALT!
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  • Pregnant after two losses and symptoms are fading as I have reached 12 weeks. Scary!!!
  • @knottied4178e130d679c45 I can imagine it's scary after losses, but symptoms easing around 12 weeks is completely normal! You're getting close to that blissful second trimester!
  • I'm 13 weeks + 2 days - I keep thinking my symptoms are getting better (and maybe they were for a bit), but man has this week been rough. Exhaustion and nausea has been back and I am OVER it. I'm hoping it's like one last little rough patch and then I'll be feeling good soon. 
  • still struggling with nausea and exhaustion almost all of the time. I have moments when I feel decent, so I’m hoping for more and more of those over the next few weeks. This part of pregnancy is so hard. 
  • Feeling like a lot of you ladies. Still have off and on nausea and exhaustion @ 14 weeks now.  I am totally exhausted by the time my kids go to bed… and sometimes just barely make it through work. Trying to find something I can do at home to get a bit more exercise but is manageable. Hoping this goes away soon!
    Also, a blast from the past—- I get carpal tunnel in my pregnancies it seems! It’s really odd because it’s transient and last time it went away by like 25-28 weeks. 🤔 
  • Heartburn, constipation, back pain, dizziness, can’t sleep… at least I’m not nauseous anymore 😩  
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