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Finding an OBGYN Passic NJ area/Hackensack area/ or glen ridge.

edited November 2023 in New Jersey Babies
I've started my journey to trying to conceive, and I've noticed something - why is it hard to find a good OBGYN that both delivers and treats pregnancy in passaic location or Hackensack? the ones I've been calling are either semi-retired or or not deliver but only treating - Am i missing something?  I'm not pregnant yet but to have a great OB-GYN who delivers and treats you and baby would help. 

does this exist?
what have you experienced along your pregnancy journey? 
Any guidance on this / or am i missing something? 
Does anyone know a good obgyn in Passiac, New jersey, or Hackensack, NJ AREA who is accepting new patients with united health care oxford? 

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