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Hey! I thought I’d share this for all gender guessing questions or wives tales.

also- I’m trying to talk husband into not finding out until baby is born. Anyone else going to “wait it out?” (We shall see- he isn’t very patient 🤪)

Re: Gender

  • We're waiting it out! I'm not very patient myself, so it will be great practice 😂
  • I’ve had 4 girls. That fact that I have to wait even the normal amount of time to find out gender is killing me. 
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  • We plan to find out as soon as we can. After 3 boys it would be so exciting to have a girl but that’s hard to even imagine haha. We will be happy either way of course.
  • We have 1 of each so I’m trying to convince my hubby to wait also!! He doesn’t want to and doesn’t think i can 😂
  • Not waiting, I'm excited to find out asap. Two boys with all the boy stuff.   
  • Finding out asap! I have one of each, but they are older and my baby stuff is long gone
  • I’m dying to find out!!! I hate saying I would prefer one over the other (even though I kind of do) but I don’t want to jinx anything because we just want a healthy baby. 

    I read a few wives tales and people say if you’re really morning sick then it’s a girl and if you’re not and you’d boobs are very tender then it’s probably a boy. I am the latter so I think it’s a boy. Thoughts??
  • I was sick the whole 9 months with my son lol.
  • I was also sick my whole first pregnancy, especially 6-20 weeks (vomiting) and had a boy.  
  • We are not finding out, this will be our first together he has 2 girls i have 2 boys. This is the worst morning sickness i have dealt with and my boobs are sore so fingers crossed its not multiples! First appointment is 1/12
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    We won’t find out. Third baby and each time my husband and I have waited 1-2 hours after giving birth until we are alone to see what we’ve had. We’ve asked all our care providers not to spoil it after the birth. They’ve all been very respectful and it’s such an intimate moment doing it like that

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  • I don't want to find out, I want to wait and be surprised. He's joking that he's going to bribe the US tech to tell him lol
  • I would say false. So many old wives tales are opposite for many people. I was very very sick with all 3 boys and not sick at all with my girl. I wouldn’t give much thought into the tales.
  • Waiting to find out! We waited with my first baby and it turned out to be the biggest surprise of my life (I thought my daughter was a boy 1000%). Can’t wait for another surprise!
  • Oh no!! So maybe it is definitely just a wives tale! We just ordered the sneak peek blood test you can find out after 6 weeks :) I couldn’t wait!
  • It’s a girl!! 💕 
  • @whitneyco2011 congrats! How exciting!
  • There’s a wives tale about fetal heart rate <150 boy and >150 girl. Ours was 180 but I still think it’s a boy. Just ordered the Sneak peek test yesterday so should know soon! I used it with both my previous pregnancies and it was always right 
  • I’ve had 4 girls and I swore this one was a boy. HR 150’s, but nope this baby girl #5 per NIPT. My entire pregnancy was so different. 
  • We are waiting to find out! I was team green the whole way with my daughter and hearing DH say “it’s a girl!” in the delivery room was the best thing ever. I was split right down the middle with all the old wives tales that I did with her lol but I will 100% be doing them again with this one 😂
  • My LO's heart rate was 153 today during US.  We did the NIPT test so we'll find out soon! DH said "he" during the ultrasound and the doctor laughed at him and said, "You just wait,  it'll be a girl!"
  • sph97sph97 member
    I’ve talked my husband into officially being team green! I’m so excited. I told him this baby was a surprise, might as well keep it going 🤪
    So far my pregnancy has been very different from my son, thankfully. I was SO sick with him! But I don’t remember being this fatigued. It could be taking K and chasing a toddler pregnant, or maybe I’m just that tired lol. 
  • as of today i’m 12w3d & nipt results should be posted for me through the app either tomorrow or on monday, i can’t wait!! i refresh every 2 hours just in case they’re been posted earlier than expected 😂 we have 2 sons (5yrs old & 8 month old) i truly can’t wait to find out if we’re having another son or our first daughter! i have no patience, i love finding out as soon as possible.
  • @littlebabybuster I feel you! Our NIPT results will come in next week but I check like 5x a day.  I'm so anxious about a healthy baby and the gender!
  • FTM. I was thinking of waiting, but we want to find out to help us prep more thoroughly. 
  • sph97sph97 member
    @lexilougolden Awh, yay!! That is so exciting!! 
  • @lexilougolden congratulations, so happy for you! 
    we still haven’t gotten our results & the weekend got in the way so i guess it’s more waiting for us 🫠
  • @littlebabybuster we got ours this morning,  so maybe it can still happen today! Either way,  it'll be soon. And thanks 😊 
  • @lolothenailtech yay, congrats! Lots of girls so far! 😊
  • Thank you @lexilougolden! Congrats on your baby girl! 🩷
  • I can get my blood test next week to find out. I am excited to know…what is everyone’s thoughts on NOT doing a gender reveal? I am really not into it. My husband feels we should do something small and find out in a fun way but I just want to know. I don’t think I can trust myself to not look up my results on my portal and see for myself. I just feel like society makes it like you have to do this and if I don’t I’m doing something wrong!
  • sph97sph97 member
    @babyonthewayaug24 we didn’t do a gender reveal with our first! My SIL did and everyone expected us too but we decided not too, it just isn’t like us lol. We found out gender like 3 days before Christmas and just told family at Christmas we was having a boy. With this baby we are waiting until birth! 
  • @babyonthewayaug24 we keep gender reveals super simple, we can’t plan anything without spilling the beans 😂 so we usually tell both of our immediate families the same day we find out. we just do a cute set up with our kids & the most recent ultrasound with either blue or pink baby items & send the picture to both of our family group chats at the same time. 
  • We chose to just read the results on the portal and tell immediate family and then set up a tiny reveal for Facebook with the kids. It was staged but cute :)
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