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Baby #3 Name Suggestions

I already have two youngins the first is a girl Melody (7) and the second a boy Templeton (3) and baby #3 is due is February this time I don't have the dad's help on name suggestions and this baby's gender is a complete surprise. So I'd like gender neutral as well as baby boy and girl name ideas if possible.

Re: Baby #3 Name Suggestions

  • Names I think suit your other children's names:

    Unisex -
    Lotus, Harmony, Jude, Axe.

    Girl -
    Stephany, Magalie, Kathryn/Katherine, Kalley, Marjory, Angelina, Ellette, Helenna, Barbara, Philomela, Ellen, Magdalena, Odessa, Kate, Alexandra and Kira.

    Christopher, Eugene, George, Talon, Trevian, Woodson, Turk, Garryck and Wessley.
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