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Thoughts on Liana vs Madison

First girl after 3 boys. All boys end in “son”. I prefer Liana but husband likes Madison. 

Re: Thoughts on Liana vs Madison

  • There are so many Maddie, Maddy, Maddison, etc that Liana is refreshing.  The Maddie thing is WAY overdone! 

  • Totally agree that Madison/Maddie is overdone. I also think it will feel dated with Madison being so popular with kids who are currently aged 10-20. Liana is a prettier and more unique name.
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  • I love the name Liana. If you want the same style but want it to match your other children's names, I think Layson works great. Or you could go with:
  • Liana! So pretty
  • Hi! I’m a Liana! Just wanted to share that I love my name and vote Liana over Madison! I’m 40 and still get compliments on my name and spelling, although people mostly assume it’s spelled Leanna so I do have to correct people. I like it because it’s uncommon but not weird.
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