Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Slow rising hcg

Hi everyone!

I had my hcg taken and it went from
About 2,000 to almost 4,000 in four days.. so it did not double.

Then we did an ultrasound and the images showed intrauterine sac but was measuring about 4w4dqys and we were expecting more 5w.

They are going to repeat ultrasound to see if pregnancy is viable.

My question is my obgyn made it sound like the prognosis is either miscarriage or bad birth defect or unhealthy pregnancy and baby… is this true? What are your experiences and what have your obgyns told you? Can things turn around and end up okay or no hope?

Thank you!

Re: Slow rising hcg

  •  I'm 6 weeks 2 days, started bleeding at 6 weeks, still.bleeding and cramping. Dr's are concerned with miscarriage. My first blood test was 1/4 and my HcG was 14....14! I go back tomorrow for the 48 hour blood draw. From my online research either it is a miscarriage or gestational age is wrong ? This is my second baby. I'm Rh positive and have gestational thrombocytopenia and am 32.

    My 1st doctor's appointment and ultra sound was supposed to be 1/29 at 10 weeks. So we will see
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