Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant right after D&C


I just had a D&C about two months ago and on accident fell pregnant right away before my first cycle. All of the labs and sonograms show everything is fine with baby but my cramps are awful. Has anybody experienced this after getting pregnant right after a D&C?

Thank you!

Re: Pregnant right after D&C

  • I didn’t have a D&C but I also got pregnant accidentally about a week after my miscarriage ended. I’m now 18 weeks and so far so good. 
  • Have any more cramping than usual? And I am happy for you!
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  • I had some spotting at 6 weeks which was terrifying and triggering, but it was just a little bit one evening. They checked my blood and all was fine, I’ve progressed just fine from there. I haven’t had cramping, just some round ligament pain. 
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