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Guess I’ll start!

Due: 08/02
Baby #5, 7th pregnancy.
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32 years old and kind of shocked to be here! My AF is due in 8 days, no idea on DPO but got a BFP digital on CD 25/32. I must’ve O’d early? This is my 34(m) BF’s first baby.

Can’t wait to hear from everyone else. Sending sticky baby dust to yall.

Re: Guess I’ll start!

  • Due 8/2 as well! Although I’ve gotten different calculations on different sites anywhere from July 27-aug 4th, my OB office told me 8/2 today when I called to make the first appointment!

    This is my first baby! I was not planning or expecting this. I just had surgery 3 months ago to remove thyroid cancer. It’s been a crazy year! My boyfriend lives in Miami and we have been long distance… I think he will be excited… he gets here tomorrow for thanksgiving and I’m planning on telling him then!! We know we want to get married and have kids and he’s always said he can’t wait for the day… so hopefully he is ok that the day is going to be a bit sooner than planned 😳😂

    I’m super scared, excited, feeling everything on the emotional spectrum!!
  • Due 8/3 (I think)

    Just took a test today and it was very positive. I’ve been tracking so hopefully that date it pretty accurate!

    I have a 5yo and an angel baby so this is our little rainbow.🌈

    I’ve got to catch myself back up on all the terms and acronyms we use in the mom chats. 😂
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    Also due 8/3 according to a due date calculator. I am 34 years old and have three boys ages 1, 3, and 5. We were originally thinking we would be done at 3 (though my husband has always said he wanted 4) but after our third I did not feel entirely at peace about being done. This past month we didn’t prevent because I felt open to having one more. And it looks like that’s happening, if all goes smoothly. We are happy and excited but I’m also definitely anxious and nervous. 
  • Also due around 8/3 - found out on Thanksgiving that I'm pregnant. We're really excited, have been trying for 6ish months and we were starting to get concerned. First for us. Excited and terrified!
  • Due 8/3 according to the app.
    wasn’t trying, but got a positive today! DH and I both in shock. We have an 19 month old, was planning to try next summer. God blessed is a little early! 
  • Estimated due date is 8/3. Got my BFP this morning. This is my first pregnancy after two miscarriages. I’m now 40 and didn’t think this would happen. This was not planned, just happened.
    I think that I’m 18 DPO, but not sure. If I’m correct that could shift my due date to the end of July.
    I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time.
  • We weren't really trying or not trying and I had just kind of figured it wasn't in the cards and was ok with it (I'm almost 43), but I took a test because something just felt off and I got a faint positive yesterday at 9dpo. I've had a few early miscarriages so I'm hesitant to get too excited, but we'll see. I welcome this baby with excitement and open arms, but still feel like whatever the universe has in store for us is ok. Wishing all of you happy, healthy little ones!
  • Aug 3… if all goes well
    I’ve had 3 MC’s this year. The first was a MMC, the other 2 were chemical pregnancies. I had my first hcg quant yesterday and it was 22.3, which dr said is pretty low. I’m on progesterone and enoxaparin (due to a history of a blood clot and factor v). Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting my 2nd hcg quant and will find out if it’s doubling as it should, or if I’m having a 4th loss this year.
  • Sending you all the good vibes!!
  • My 2nd hcg quant came in and it was 15.9 so it is dropping and I’m having my 4th MC this year. Guess I don’t get to join the Aug 2024 baby club after all. Wishing you all (and future folks joining this group) blissful, happy pregnancies with the unparalleled joy of a little one in your arms at the end of the journey.

    And hoping for myself to find my rainbow.
  • Prayers for your healing and comfort, and your rainbow baby. 🤍
  • Very similar! EDD 8/3, found out on thanksgiving. Been trying for 8 months and it’s our first! I’m excited but also pretty anxious
  • Due Aug 4 (also 8/4-8/10)! Woke up Monday and could not get rid of nausea, took a test and had a faint line... five tests later we're very positively pregnant. 😂 This is our first, and I'm 32. We were open to having a child but didn't realize it would happen so quickly, we're very excited! 💕 Good thoughts & prayers to all of you!
  • Sending all the love! I am so sad to hear that for you. Wishing you the best luck and praying you get your rainbow soon. 
  • Estimated due date 8/3!
    Me and my boyfriend have been together 4+ years and we weren’t technically “trying” but in the mind set that if it happens, it happens! Well i took a test three days ago and 4x later deff positive! It’s my first, im shocked anxious and scared but also very happy excited and really feeling all the emotions. I’m 25 yrs old and i am trying to be as educated as possible throughout this journey!
  • Due date August 2nd. We are so excited! I found out on the 28th I was 6 days late. This is my first pregnancy. I am so excited! I am thinking about telling my family on Christmas. I know it's early to tell but idk if I can wait!!
  • Due 8/5 according to conception found out Sunday!
  • Due date 8/11! Started getting positives 2 days ago, but confirmed via beta today 🎉 my husband and I have been trying unsuccessfully for 20 months and had a few failed medicated cycles with our fertility specialist before this so it doesn't really feel like real life yet.
  • Estimated due date is 8/7. After two years of infertility/IVF and a miscarriage, I am thrilled to be pregnant but also anxious. This pregnancy happened without any medical assistance, so definitely a shock. Looking forward to this little babe to continuing to grow.
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