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Weekly Check-in w/o 11/19

EDD / Weeks + Days:


Baby is the size of a (an): 

(Only If you know already!) Team blue/pink/green:

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination?

Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 11/19

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  • @littlemarshmallow, we have the same due date! 🙂
    I think any genenetic bloodwork testing in this time frame would be the same as the NIPT testing.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 9wks 6d

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 6th TM

    Baby is the size of a (an): watch face

    (Only If you know already!) Team blue/pink/green:

    Upcoming Appointments: dating ultrasound tomorrow, first appointment is Wednesday afternoon

    How are you feeling?: horrible... Nauseous nonstop and so tired. I can smell everything. I can't drink from my glasses because they smell too much like dishwasher soap...


    Questions: anyone else announcing to family on Thanksgiving?

    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination? Probably an all inclusive beach resort. 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days:  9 + 2


    Baby is the size of a (an):  A Cherry

    Team blue/pink/green:  eager to find out!

    Upcoming Appointments: Screening Ultrasound and Blood a test scheduled in December 13

    How are you feeling?: still fatigued, occasional sour stomach, and having some weird dreams. 

    Rants/Raves: my hubby is just the best, he has always been so sweet and caring, but he has taken over the meal planning and cooking to ensure I get some nutritional and delicious meals!

    Also Dr’s appointment went well today and he is pleased with how the pregnancy is progressing.

    Questions: for STM & TTM when did you start using a pregnancy pillow?

    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination?

    I love a mix of relaxation and exploration on a vacation. I’d love to go to Australia/ New Zealand some day! 
  • @feli14 oh man I loved my pregnancy pillow! I started using it fairly early in the 2nd trimester- prob around 16 weeks. I got big fast though!
  • @feli14 I can’t remember exactly when, but I remember it was earlier than I thought it would be, for sure before 20 weeks. I feel like as soon as I had a legit bump it would pull on my hips and back and make me uncomfortable when I was sleeping on my side. 
  • @feli14 I started at 12 weeks to get used to it because I am a stomach sleeper 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 11w 1d


    Baby is the size of a (an): Lime/Fig

    (Only If you know already!) Team blue/pink/green: finding out soon!

    Upcoming Appointments: 12/1, 12w 4d

    How are you feeling?: Mostly good! A bit nauseous here and there and the headaches 😭😭

    Rants/Raves: I stay by my mom a few days out of the week for school, and she is constantly on me about everything I eat and everything I do. I just found out my SIL is due exactly a month after me and my mom is going nuts with comparing me to my SIL constantly and it’s beyond stressful. Especially since according to my SIL, the comparisons are heavily inaccurate. Also super super excited to be pregnant at the same time as my SIL. The last time she was pregnant was 5 years ago and I was a senior in HS, so it’s super cool to get to share in the experience this time around.

    Questions: None :)

    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination? I looooove the Upper Peninsula of MI
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 8 weeks 4 days

    FTM/STM/TTM+: third pregnancy and third baby ❤️

    Baby is the size of a (an): raspberry

    (Only If you know already!) Team blue/pink/green: don’t know - but am excited! We have two girls and would love a boy, but also love our daughters!

    Upcoming Appointments: Monday

    How are you feeling?: tender breasts, anyone else currently breastfeeding? Wondering when to wean? I feel nauseous and have a constant headache/feel tired. Trying to stay positive.

    Rants/Raves: this pregnancy was a total surprise, still getting used to the news and starting to feel more excited.

    Questions: did anyone get the blood chromosome test for their baby’s sex? Wondering if it’s reliable.

    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination: Fiji!!
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: June 11 / 11 + 1


    Baby is the size of a (an): As tall as lego man

    (Only If you know already!) Team blue/pink/green: Team pink! 

    Upcoming Appointments: November 28 and/or December 1 (I think I put last week that I'm probably transitioning from an OB to midwives and I can't decide whether to keep my OB appt on the 28th or not - I'm nervous I'll hate the midwives and then won't have had my 12 week with my OB if I decide to stay....even though I feel pretty good about the change)

    How are you feeling?: Still have random times of nausea, but in general feeling much much better (though maybe a bit more tired than usual - hard to say for sure because I've been out of my normal schedule). 

    Rants/Raves: Rant - I know the gender of this baby, but my husband won't let me tell him until I tell his whole family at Thanksgiving. I really hate not being able to share. Rave - we are in California and I'm loving Cali weather. 

    Questions: Anyone have any thoughts on what I should do about my appointments conundrum? I know I ultimately just need to make a decision on what feels right, but I guess I'm a little concerned about insurance covering both appointments. Also the OB appointment is at a very inconvenient time for me. I know I would get an ultrasound if I go to the OB, so I asked the midwives if I should expect an ultrasound at that appointment - I think if they plan to do one then I will probably cancel OB, but if not keep the OB. 

    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination? Oh man...there are so many places I want to go. In general, anywhere with a sunny, warm beach. But I also really want to go to Spain. 
  • @mgf17 I'm breastfeeding! I quit pumping because i just could not do it, but still nurse my daughter. My doctor initially told me I would have to quit at some point, but my midwives that I'm planning to switch to said as long as you don't have any risk factors then it's fine to continue. I have no desire to tandem feed though, so will probably stop at some point, but keep hoping my daughter will wean on her own (though she's like extra obsessed with nursing lately, so I might need to come up with a plan). I feel like it probably needs to be a decent gap between actually giving birth so that she doesn't feel like it's the baby's fault ha. 

    @kbru88 My family already knows I'm pregnant, but I'm announcing gender at Thanksgiving!

    @feli14 I don't remember exactly when, but as soon as I started getting uncomfortable in my sleep - somewhere in the second trimester I think. I hated my first pregnancy pillow though so had some trial and error to find one that worked for me. 

    @sbaby2023 I started feeling a lot better around 10 weeks too if that eases your mind at all!

    @littlemarshmallow Congrats on your new walker!! Also, I think as long as it's genetic testing of the baby (as opposed to you for a carrier screening) then it's probably NIPT. 
  • @mgf17 I'm currently breastfeeding as well. Luckily no tenderness yet. My goal was to make it until the twins are 2 but my  due date is less than 2 weeks before their birthday. So we will see! I was told that as long as I don't have uterine contractions I can breastfeed them through the whole pregnancy.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 6/18, 10 +1

    FTM/STM/TTM+: third

    Baby is the size of a (an): lego minifigure

    Team blue/pink/green: green

    Upcoming Appointments: 12 week appt on 12/7

    How are you feeling?: Still overall terrible. I have periods of time when I feel okay, but I'm nauseous and/or fatigued probably 75% of the time.

    Rants/Raves: We've told a few close family and friends that I'm pregnant, and every single person has said the same thing: "I hope it's a girl!" (my older 2 are boys).

    I guess I need to get ready for those comments for the whole pregnancy, especially if I stay Team Green. Sigh.

    For the record, I don't care what the baby is. It'd be cool to have a girl; I also love being a boy mom and will gladly take another boy.


    GTKY: What would be your ideal vacation destination? Somewhere with a beautiful beach
    Married: May 2012
    DS1: May 2016
    DS2: Jan 2019
    Baby #3 EDD: 6/18/24

  • That makes sense! My daughter is 13 months, and we only feed a few times a day now so I’m hoping she is up to wean soon haha! We will see. I’ve heard toddlers are great at helping relieve engorgement though so I’ll go with whatever happens. 
  • That’s great to know! Thanks, I will ask at my next appointment. 
  • maple1422maple1422 member
    edited November 27
    @saltedcaramel518 We’re in a similar boat. My first two are boys and a girl next would be fun, but I really do love being a boymom. I feel like I know how to boymom already, and that would be less nervewracking. Ultimately, happy either way. Also, our ob appt is the same day as yours! 
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