2nd Trimester

Preeclampsia/gestational hypertension

Hi all! Currently 20 weeks here. Had preeclampsia at 32 weeks with my daughter (who is now almost 3). Hospitalized at 33 weeks and induced at 34 weeks. C section at 34+2 after failure to descent. It was rough. This time around, I have resolved placenta previa and have been getting high heart rate alerts on my Apple Watch. Am taking baby aspirin like last time. Monitoring my BP at home and have been getting high numbers 144/86, 137/90, etc. Anyone have experience with gestational hypertension or early preeclampsia at 20 weeks? What was recommended for you if you did? I have an appt with my OB on Monday so will be discussing with them and probably testing for protein in my urine. Ugh….
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