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Forgetting I did things at TWW

Hi everyone I'm new here but I wanted to know if this has ever happened to anyone else and could be an early pregnancy symptom (fingers crossed!) basically today (about 10 dpo) I went to the bathroom at work saying "I need to go to the toilet again, it's all this water I drunk". Next thing I know I'm in my computer, bladder feels empty and my hands are soapy. I said to my colleague "I can't recollect having been to the toilet!". Same later, I got home and I can't recollect the 10 minute walk from the bike parking to my flat. I know it may sound scary but it's not so much a memory lapse but a kind of brain fog which I heard might be a pregnancy symptom. Please let me know if this sounds familiar to anyone! X

Re: Forgetting I did things at TWW

  • Last night I had what felt like period cramps so I'm losing faith... I really can't wait to find out! This wait is unbearable and it's only our first month trying! I took two tests so far and they were negative but I could be just testing too early. Send me baby dust please!
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