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Help! Middle name issue for Beau!

Hi all, needing some honest opinions here…
We are expecting our fourth baby (3rd son) in a month but having a hard time deciding on using Beau (or Bodhi) as a first name, mainly because the middle name will be Thai.

My husband’s father is Chinese/Vietnamese, and Thai is his middle name. It was also the middle name given to my husband and his brother, so we have kept the same tradition with our other two boys.

What do you think of Beau Thai? My husband and I both love the name Beau and it would be our first pick, but feeling unsure because together it sounds like “bow tie” 🙈 does it even matter? Is it a name people might laugh at when they first hear it but after it’s whatever? Or is it awful of us to even seriously consider these names together? We keep flip flopping between caring and not caring and I just don’t know anymore haha.

We are considering Bodhi Thai to use as an alternative just because of all the above. My husband likes it a lot less than Beau, but we are really struggling to find other names we like now that we are on boy #3 lol.

Honest thoughts? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Help! Middle name issue for Beau!

  • I definitely thought of bow tie when I read Beau Thai and think it would get a lot of comments. Just have to decide if that bothers you. In everyday life he won't use the middle name and if you really like Beau it might be worth the chuckle every time the middle name comes up
  • I agree, I immediately read Beau Thai as "bowtie" and knew where your post was going.  You could use Bohdi Thai as his full name, but still call him Beau for short since you really only use the middle name in a more formal setting anyway, then people might not even notice.  If you really love just the name Beau though, and it doesn't bother you, go with what you feel is right!
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  • I agree I probably would try and avoid Beau Thai because the laughs could get annoying.
    Beau can stand alone but it’s also nickname for Robert, Beaufort and Beauregard.

    Robert Thai with the nickname Beau would be my pick.
  • Maybe try a name like
    Brooks Thai
    Blake Thai
    Beckett Thai 
    instead, that way beau thai wont get confusing
  • There's a really great Thai restaurant in DC called Beau Thai.
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