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WTO w/o Nov 13

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Re: WTO w/o Nov 13

  • Month/Cycle: 9/9

    CD: 4, benched this cycle at least for elevated TSH

    WAYDTGKU:  all the things for egg quality and PCOS, Levothyroxine for the last 6 mo with inconsistent response, and now looking at healing mycotoxins and leaky gut while I’m benched.

    R/R:  I’m not sure if mycotoxins and leaky gut are my issue, but they are consistent with my issues (PCOS, asthma/allergies, Hashimoto’s) and it can’t hurt to try, and if they are an issue it will only help me long-term.  And it’ll give me something to focus on this cycle.  We are already into September due dates when we are off the bench, very possibly when MH will be traveling longer-term for work, so not sure if we’ll keep avoiding for a while.  I’ll still pop on here and there.  Cheering you all on ❤️
    me . early 30's | h . mid 30's | < 3 . 2013

    ntnp #2 . summer 2018

    *siggy warning*

    ttc#1 . jul 2015
    mmc . mar 2016 | 6w2d
    dx PCOS (non-IR) / subclinical hypothyroidism . summer 2016
    tx metformin, levothyroxine, LP progesterone, femara + trigger + ti . fall/winter 2016
    BFP! . jan 2017
    DD . oct 2017

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