1st Trimester

Haven’t taken prenatal vitamins in 4 days

I haven’t eaten super healthy lately either. Is my baby going to be ok? Does anybody have recommendations for 1st trimester prenatals that don’t cause confusion and difficulty focusing? My current one makes me feel so weird like my brain is wired I don’t feel right on them.

Re: Haven’t taken prenatal vitamins in 4 days

  • lindseyserflindseyserf Just Joined
    Hi! I was originally taking the Sakara prenatal pack, but around 7 weeks I started getting pretty intense morning sickness and couldn’t handle all those pills. I switched to Olly Prenatal gummies and it’s been so much better.

    There were definitely a handle full of days when I started getting nauseas that I didn’t take anything!
    Baby is perfectly fine (: don't worry!!
  • Confusion and difficulty concentration is called pregnancy brain, IMO.  IT DOESN'T STOP EITHER. AFTER BABY IS BORN
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