1st Trimester

Might be out after first Ultrasound

According to my app i would be 6 weeks 1 day today. I went to get my first ultrasound early because I previously had a miscarriage. The sonographer mentioned that she thinks she may see a fetal pole but its very tiny and hard to see she also said the heart beat was slow and usually it should be faster.. has anyone ever experienced this? Any thoughts?

Re: Might be out after first Ultrasound

  • I’m 6w4d and had u/s today. The doctor said the embryo looks very small, maybe 6 weeks and only a slight flicker of a heartbeat so to come back in a week but ultimately, she said the pregnancy does not look healthy at all and my hCG levels have not been doubling in 48 hours for over a week now. She did not take any measurements in the ultrasound. I guess she just visualized it and came up with these conclusions.
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