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Symptoms Thread - November

What symptoms are you having? Good or bad? 
Any questions/concerns?

Re: Symptoms Thread - November

  • Guys... this is getting worse not better! I think most of my nausea is from heartburn/acid reflux. I am definitely feeling burning in my throat at times and tasting that gross taste in my mouth from acid. I'm taking as much heartburn medication as I can. But the gagging/nausea and difficulty eating are getting worse, so now I'm wondering if it is some true nausea? Still haven't actually thrown up, so how the heck can you tell the difference?
  • @stress_engine My nausea has been acid reflux adjacent as well this pregnancy. Yesterday I was out shopping and kept having the feeling in my throat and I just couldn’t figure out whether I was about to throw up or needed to take an antacid. I took an antacid and it helped a little bit but not enough. Got home a few hours later, ate 3 bites of salad and promptly threw up, then the feeling was gone until a bit later. Bananas are alkaline and are one of my few safe foods. 
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  • @knottiecd605803a6e89165, yes sounds exactly like what I'm dealing with! I was also eating bananas, but got a little burnt out. I really hope this gets better for both of us because it is brutal!
  • I have been excited to be feeling better soon as well!! I feel you both on the nausea 😬 really hoping it eases up soon!!

    I have also started experiencing dull body aches, I am thinking it is due to the growing/changes in my body. 😊
  • My nausea went away for a little bit (weeks 10-12) but it seems it’s coming back at 13 weeks, which is not what I was hoping for!  My skin is also struggling to adjust to hormonal changes so I feel super cute right now…. 
  • I think my nausea always gets a little worse before it gets better. Usually I’m actually feeling better around 15 weeks, but the gagging is real. And of course reflux just gets worse from here on out. 
  • Heartburn, random bouts of nausea, constipation, feeling starving 4 hours after dinner, acne, MOTN insomnia + peeing multiple times a night, yay
  • For acne, I spoke to my dermatologist and he recommended using the Cerave acne foaming facial cleanser, which has benzoyl peroxide, which is pregnancy safe. I have been using it for a few days and I think it’s helping!
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