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Help please! Expectant dad freaking out !!

Hi all,

im new to this forum, and new to being an expectant father too!

so my wife is on her 2nd trimester and has recently had her GTT appointment and after taking her glucose drink her heart rate skyrocketed up to 120bpm and triggered a high heart rate alert in her S8 Apple Watch from just being sat down waiting for the 2 hours to elapse. I asked midwives who didn’t seem concerned and said it was likely due to the fact she’d been fasting.

anyway, fast forward to yesterday (4th) and we’ve already had the GTT results back which were normal but again, we were sat down in a cafe this time and high heart rate alarm went off again, 135 (she was eating at the time) this did drop when she came home but all through the day and into the night it remained in the low 100’s / upper 90’s when she slept it dropped down to 80’s / 70’s and now she’s awake again it’s back up to the mid 90’s.

now, yesterday I got panicked so I called 111 and doctor was telling us the whole “get her in, ecg, check bloods, check for arrhythmias etc etc despite my wife having NO other symptoms whatsoever, on telling him that he said ok; call the midwife.

spoke to the out of hours triage midwife and she said it’s all fine, normal, nothing to worry about and it’s because she’s (27 weeks) pregnant and the body is pumping more blood around to compensate for the baby, plus she has a higher BMI.

my question is,

have any of you ladies experienced this spike in heart rate and should I be the anxious dad going out of my mind or is all okay?! (Obviously I’m not telling her I’m panicking like this, so this is my only turn to).

thanks in advance anyone and sorry if I’m being an idiot 😫😫 !!

Re: Help please! Expectant dad freaking out !!

  • American heart association says that a heart increase of 10-20% of a typical resting heart rate is normal.  
  • My heart rate was way higher throughout my entire pregnancy and my doctors were never concerned I got a similar response 
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  • Oh yes, heart rate spikes for no reason are normal. I didn't have a tracker, so it may have happened more than I noticed, but I definitely noticed it, and the doctors and midwives weren't concerned. 
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