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Hi fellow future moms,

I’m 6 weeks and have been yawning and sneezing a lot recently. Is this normal?? The yawns worry me a little because sometime’s they’re very deep yawns and I feel my low abdomen do this weird stretching open feeling. I just hope it’s not hurting the baby. I know that probably sounds overly paranoid. This is my first pregnancy so anything freaks me out! 


Re: Yawning??

  • It's probably fine. You can look up almost any symptom in existence and it can also  be a pregnancy symptom.

    But mucus membranes are affected by the increase in hormones so some women have worse allergy symptoms during pregnancy. I believe most/all antihistamines are safe in pregnancy, but ask your doctor or pharmacist what over the counter antihistamine would be safe during pregnancy.

    Sounds like the yawning could be due to shortness of breath, or you could also be experiencing fatigue and/or low quality sleep and yawning from that. I know I try to yawn more to catch my breath when experiencing shortness of breath, and I try to get more of a deeper breath, which could be related to the abdomen thing you are describing. The shortness of breath is also another hormone related symptom in early pregnancy and more of a physical symptom in late pregnancy.

    Not 100% sure on the stretching abdomen thing, but there's a lot going on in the abdomen area. You're probably experiencing cramps, GI tract changes, bloating, and other fun symptoms. Ask your doctor if you are concerned, but I guarantee chances are extremely low that you are doing anything to hurt the baby in your normal day-to-day unless you are engaged in very risky and ill-advised,  through known and collected data and evidence, behaviors for pregnancy. 
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