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After doing some research, I am sure my baby has this. She makes a high pitched noise when she cries that sounds like she is gasping for air. She also has a very hoarse voice. Her doctor has heard it and didn’t say much other than to keep an eye on her ribs. She didn’t even mention the name of the condition or explain what it is, but I’m wondering if my baby should see a specialist. It doesn’t seem that she actually struggles to breathe, it’s just the noise. Should all babies with this condition be evaluated? 

Re: Laryngomalacia

  • My baby has laryngomalacia. The first couple of weeks, my lactation consultant noticed that he has retractions of his ribs while eating. The pediatrician ordered a lung X-ray because of that (all was fine), but nothing else special. The pediatrician did tell us the name and that it's normal and babies grow out of it by one year. My baby is now 10 months old and still has episodes (less frequently than before), but the doctor isn't concerned. I was told basically to watch for blue lips or skin (blue hands and feet are fine, though, but chest isn't)
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