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Unisom for nausea

Hello! I’m currently 7.5 weeks pregnant and really struggling with nausea and insomnia. I’ve tried ginger options, peppermint tea, lots of small snacks, etc. Constantly nauseous. Half of a Unisom tablet is the only thing that has helped so far. But, I am nervous about taking medications. I’ve done lots of google searches and it seems to be safe. Has anyone on here heard good or bad info about it? Thank you for any information.

Re: Unisom for nausea

  • Unisom is very common in pregnancy for nausea. I haven’t needed to rake it yet - ginger, small meals and protein shakes have worked so far. But if those stopped working I would take it.
  • Unisom saved me with my last pregnancy and I’ve been taking it with this one and I havnt had any nausea so far. Im only 6 weeks so fingers crossed! 
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  • My OB prescribed B6 three times a day and half a Unisom at night for me. Seems to be a fairly common protocol for nausea before moving to prescription.
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