1st Trimester

First Trimester Struggles

I'm 7w with my first baby and let me tell you, I am STRUGGLING. The constant nausea is so uncomfortable. My OB recommended B6 and Unisom but neither of them are working. I go for my first US this week so hopefully she can give me something stronger just to help me get through the day and eat without wanting to gag. Speaking of gagging, I also feel like I can't stay in my house because EVERYTHING smells bad and makes me gag: the fridge, the closets, the dishwasher, the washing machine. I don't know what to do to escape it.

I know this is supposed to be a happy time in my life, but I am anything but happy. I'm PRAYING this gets better by my second trimester. I'm also struggling with the thought of ever going through this again to give my baby a sibling. I know it's so early on but I just can't wrap my head around going through this again to have a second child, and that makes me really sad. Sorry for the long post. Just need to vent. :(

Re: First Trimester Struggles

  • Oh girl your not alone, I'm going insane with this pregnancy I have constant motion sickness (feeling of needing to puke but don't) and so sensitive to smells I hate my house aswell!! 
    This is my second and I don't remember mentally doing as bad as I am now... But if I learned anything from my first is this is a season and it will pass and once it's gone it won't seem that bad and once you fall in love with your baby you will most likely want another but if you don't that's fine too there is adoption and other options if your set on a sibling but ultimately do what's best for you don't feel bad if others say "baby needs a sibling" what they need is a healthy mama 💜 I hope you feel better soon it definitely feels like it won't end but when I was throwing up constantly with my first it eventually just stopped at the 2nd trimester and it was like nothing happened. 
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