2nd Trimester

Overly concerned family members?

So I’m 25+5 weeks along. Since about week 13 baby girl has been measuring ahead (84th percentile for size and weight). Doc says if she jumps into 90th percentile then growth checks become a thing and due date might be pushed or induction but we will see when we get that far. My family saw me yesterday and said that I’m really big for how along I am and said they’re concerned about my growth given my size (5ft tall). He told me to bring it up with my dr because he thinks there’s no way I can deliver this baby without c section. Now, I have PCOS so chances of c section are high anyways and PCOS women tend to have bigger than average babies. But are they just overly concerned family members? They’re kinda spooking me out and have me worried that I’m too big. As far as weight gain goes, I’m right on track. Do I need to start setting boundaries about comments on my growth? 

Re: Overly concerned family members?

  • I would tell your family that your medical team is closely monitoring you and that you don’t want any more comments about your size 
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