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When to get tests done?

I am already 8 weeks along and when I requested requisition forms for blood work/ultrasound my dr told me that "there's no reason" to get blood work or an ultrasound "this early" in my pregnancy. 

Does anyone find this strange? Like in the very least I thought they would do a blood test to confirm pregnancy and see where hcg levels are at?

Re: When to get tests done?

  • Unless you have history of loss or bleeding/pain they usually don’t need to confirm anything. It depends on the provider. Many of them operate on a “things should go as planned” route. Also insurance doesn’t always cover extra tests/scans unless medically necessary. I’m on my second baby and they’ve never had my HCG numbers checked. And with this one I just had my first scan at 12w4d. 
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    Absolutely normal.  Honestly what I read on these boards are way different than anything I went through and most people I know.  - in regard to early pregnancy.  The ONLY reason I had a "dating scan" was because I came off of a medication that stops periods.

    Despite ne tracking and OPKs they still needed one. Otherwise I would have never had one until my 20 week anatomy scan. 

    Be thankful you don't need all these tests.  Honestly, there are times I feel like pregnancy is treated more as a "medical condition" more than needed. 
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  • I didn’t have my HCG numbers checked (and haven’t yet, I’m 12 weeks plus 1) but I did have bloodwork to confirm my pregnancy, a CBC, as well as a panel run for different STD’s, and to test my RH status because I didn’t know it at the time. I also had my dating ultrasound at 9 weeks. 
  • It is technically normal but I’ve never had a doctor that didn’t let you do an 8 week scan if you wanted one so personally I would’ve switched doctors if they refused. 
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