2nd Trimester

How to deal with emotionally unsupportive husband?

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Anyone else feel like they're not really on the same page as their husband right now? He's great with doing supportive things, but emotional support really isn't is strength and it's a bit upsetting. Anyway to help him understand I need some emotional support?

Re: How to deal with emotionally unsupportive husband?

  • Yes I experienced it. It took a conversation with my husband for him to understand. It also helped me understand that he also needs emotional support during this time since it’s both our first child. Both parties go through changes, although us moms go through most change physically. A conversation and an open mind/heart should do it. Also, prayer!
  • Also struggling with this. He doesn't seem to get why I need him around more and how lonely it can feel being pregnant and home alone while he's out with friends. 
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