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Stomach spasm.. worried. 😟

Hi all,

I am 5 weeks along. Tonight I was lying on the couch and at one point I got uncomfortable and readjusted myself. Well, I guess the way I turned my upper body and my hips was a slight twisting motion and caused a sharp pain/spasm down the center of my abdomen. It freaked me out. I feel ok now, but is this something I should be concerned about? First pregnancy so not sure what is normal and what is not. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Re: Stomach spasm.. worried. 😟

  • jenEPjenEP member
    That sounds like round ligament pain. It’s super common and can start pretty early. I’ve had some already this pregnancy at 4 weeks. But def ask your provider if you’re really concerned.  
  • Update: apparently you can pull your muscles between your ribcage. So that is what the sharp pain was and what’s causing the soreness yesterday and today. Literally injured myself while lying on the couch.. yay pregnancy! 😂
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