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Missed Miscarriage

On Monday, at first prenatal appointment, they couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat. The baby was measuring on point 8 weeks and six days, so it must have just happened. 💔

My heart is breaking, this was our first pregnancy. I had a D&C yesterday. Worse pain afterwards but it has lessened up. We plan to try again but just scared if it will happen again.

Re: Missed Miscarriage

  • I found out I lost my twins on Monday 10/16 also and had a D&C on Friday 10/20. It was also my first prenatal appointment, first pregnancy. Both of mine were measuring over a week behind.

    My OB assured me that losses this early in the pregnancy are most likely caused by random genetic anomalies and future pregnancies aren't likely to end in miscarriages. I hope this helps. ❤️❤️
  • I’m so sorry!   It was our first pregnancy, first loss at 8.6 and first d&c today. I’m also scared for the future.  I hate this happened to you as well. 
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  • Sorry for your loss as well :( 
  • We just found out yesterday that our baby no longer has a heartbeat. 9w1d. Our first pregnancy as well and my d&c is tomorrow. The pain is more than anything I ever imagined I feel like I’ve lost a piece of myself.
  • We just found out at our 10 week ultrasound that there was no baby. An “anembryonic pregnancy”. It’s so strange to feel/believe there was a baby there for that long and really there was nothing. It feels so surreal and like it didn’t happen. Had a D&C Monday to remove the remaining tissue/sac. It was very simple. I feel guilty to say I want to try right away again? Anyone else have that feeling? My OB said there is no risk to try right after a miscarriage. I just feel like I wasted so much time and would like to start the process again asap. Hard to deal with all the feelings around the holidays as well..
  • You are not alone in that feeling of wanting to try right away again. I also jusy lost my baby there was no heartbeat I have my D&C scheduled for Thursday and I’m really scared. I just feel like I lost time. 
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