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TW: Bleeding & Cramping starting at 5ish weeks?

Hi all. I just need to get this out as we haven’t told family or friends about the pregnancy yet.

Got 3 BFP tests on October 6th and we were so excited! Everything was going great, I’m still super early on in the pregnancy. But I started bleeding on Saturday, about 5 weeks 2-3 days, and have been ever since. It started out as brown blood but has progressed to dark red and now bright red. It’s more than spotting, but seems like less than a period because I don’t get much if anything in the pad unless it’s first thing in the AM. I’ve been having on and off cramping that feels just like period cramps and on and off back pain. I’ve even passed a few clots. Biggest one I’ve passed was the size of a quarter. I started freaking out and went to the ER on that Saturday night. They took blood and did an internal ultrasound. My HCG was 207 and the ultrasound showed the gestational sac but no yolk sac or fetal pole. They said it could just be very early pregnancy or a possible miscarriage.

I followed up with my OB on Wednesday, he didn’t want to do an ultrasound until next week Wednesday as he said it would be too soon to know anything. And he didn’t want to take blood to check my HCG because he said the HCG tests are too unreliable. He basically said it’s 50/50 and gave no possible explanations as to why I’m bleeding apart from the obvious possibility. So we’re just playing the waiting game. It’s been almost a week since I started bleeding. It seems to lighten up a bit and then get a little heavier randomly. It’s never been more than a very very light period but the color has been consistently bright red with bits of brown here and there. I’m trying to stay positive but man is it hard.

Thanks for listening,
Sincerely, a freaked out FTM

Re: TW: Bleeding & Cramping starting at 5ish weeks?

  • You could have a subchronic hematoma.  Was that mentioned at all?

    Sorry you are going through this.
  • Hi! No it was not mentioned at all. The ER doc basically said it’s too early to know anything. And my OB didn’t mention it at all. He gave zero reason as to why I could be bleeding and wouldn’t do an ultrasound (even though the ER did a trans vag ultrasound). So I’m just waiting until next week.

    My OB seemed to be more surprised with how easily we got pregnant. Had my last period Sep 7th, had a copper IUD in at the time. Got my IUD removed halfway through my cycle on Sep 20th. And had 3 positive tests on October 6th. I’ve taken 3 more tests since then, including one yesterday and today that were all still positive.

    I’ve read about those and I’m hoping it’s that and that it’s nothing serious.
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  • That’s super frustrating that your doc didn’t want to do repeat HCG. I’d find another doctor personally…it could be a SCH but I’d want to know if HCG going up or down in case it’s a loss. Have you taken another test?
  • That’s what I was thinking. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way my OB handled the situation at our appointment but my boyfriend said we should give me a chance still.

    Taken another pregnancy test? I’ve taken 2 within the past week (most recent was like 3 days ago) and they were both positive still. The bleeding seems to have slowed down to just spotting now and is now brown blood. I’m keeping my fingers crossed tightly! If I remember to I will update after my appointment on Wednesday!
  • That’s a good sign! Hoping all goes well on Wednesday!
  • Hi Emily - I’m in a very similar situation to yours, a couple weeks later. I’m 5 months off BCP and tested positive (3 times too!) on October 20. Last night I had an urge to take another pregnancy test and the line was lighter, although I read this could simply be that at the end of the day your pee is diluted. But this morning I woke up to blood on the toilet paper. More than spotting, less than a period. I feel… not quite cramps but like discomfort and pressure. I had to go into work but called my new OBGYN (haven’t seen her yet, our first visit is next month) and explained what happened. They said they’d have the nurse call me back but they’d make it “high priority.” Well that sent me into tears. I left work and came back home. I spoke to the nurse who said the doctor was away but the nurse would speak to the covering doctor about whether I should come in for blood work. For me it’s too early for an ultrasound. I’m waiting for a call back now. But I agree, it doesn’t sound like you have a very caring doctor! Wishing you all the best, I’m sure you can’t wait until next Wednesday.
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