2nd Trimester

I have this of there being no heartbeat at my 20 week ultrasound

Does anyone know how common this is? I have been experiencing some lower back pain and am stressing 

Re: I have this of there being no heartbeat at my 20 week ultrasound

  • I have the same fear, my 20 week scan is in 2 1/2 weeks. I am trying to keep cool and think of the positives but i also want to pay for an extra ultrasound just to hear the heartbeat. 
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    I feel like it's a common thought for us anxious people. I had the same feeling and felt huge relief today after my 20 week scan. All will be OK! ♡ Just have to trust in the Universe. 
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  • Worried about the same thing. My 20 wk scan is in 2 weeks, but I feel less pregnant now than earlier on. No bump so far either and i don't feel any movement yet. Would love to know that everything is OK, but I don't think the gp or the midwife can check heartbeat? So just waiting for the scan hoping for the best
  • Talk to your midwife!! My midwife checks his HB everytime we go in! Little hand doppler! I would hate for you to be stressed and waiting when you don't need to! 
  • I took your advice and phoned my midwife. She said it all sounds pretty normal but neither she nor the GP can check the heart beat! I was very surprised. She reassured me that a lot of women feel like that, so I think I'm going to wait, as the hospital is the only option.
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    Huh... well you could always try those at home heartbeat dopplers? Probably works best done by a professional but might give you peace of mind. 
  • I use a home Doppler Amy time I get worried. 
  • Home dopplers start at like 20 bucks. But don't be super stressed if you don't find it right away. It's kinda hard to find until about 25 weeks
  • Maybe there is a reason that your midwife doesn't use a doppler- there is no proven study that they are safe.  Please listen to your provider.  She says it's Nirmal, IT IS NORMAL! Your fetus has all the room in there it needs as it is only the size of a pomegranate- you are not going to show nor feel.  Trust the provider or find someone you trust. 
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