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Who has actually got a positive pregnancy test before missed period?

I have a strong feeling I’m pregnant. But my period is 5 days out. Just wondering who has actually got a positive test when testing early? With my first pregnancy I didn’t test until two weeks after I was late and still had a faint line in my positive pregnancy test. 

Re: Who has actually got a positive pregnancy test before missed period?

  • I've had 3 pregnancies (I only have 1 child) and all 3 HPT were positive before I missed my period.
    This time around, I had two days in a row where I was oddly exhausted and had no energy. I had to lie down, but did not necessarily have to sleep. That's how I knew. Tested and sure enough it was positive.

    Wishing you the very best!!
  • I tested positive before a missed period 
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  • I had a very, very faint positive 5 days before my missed period, getting progressively darker every day or two. Now 6 weeks! 
  • Hi! I got three positive tests 6 days before my missed period. Was super surprised!! I just knew I should test and then tested again to confirm with another manufacturer!
  • With this pregnancy, I got a positive at 3w4d
  • I also tested about 3 days before my period was meant to arrive and it was a clear positive! 
  • My first pregnancy I tested the day before my expected period and got very strong positives. This time I tested a week before my expected period since my husband told me he could smell it on my skin that I was pregnant and even though they weren’t early detection and it was the evening and not first pee of the day I still got a very faint line. I assumed that had to be an evap line because it was too early and they weren’t early detection tests. I tried again with the same tests the next day and still a very faint line. We got a digital test for the day after that (5 days before my expected period) and it said PREGNANT.
  • The earliest i've gotten a positive test digital and basic was 10dpo
  • I had a positive pregnancy five days before my missed period. I recommend using Clear Blue because it says ‘pregnant’ vs the one with just the lines. 
  • I just got a positive test yesterday and my 5 days out. I also had that gut feeling and I'm glad that I listened.
  • Me! I started getting faint lines on 10DPO, or 4-5 days before my period would be coming.
  • Faint line at 3w5d. Progressively darker over the next week. I've taken six pregnancy tests 😂 I still have one more I can take.
  • I had a pretty strong line at 3w5d and a positive digital. That being said, every body and pregnancy is different. Maybe wait til the day or two after your period is missed!
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